Anna – a_graphic_ink

Anna knows how to bring out the special in the everyday. Realism combined with surrealism, geometric shapes that loosen up and frame. There is something dreamy about her motifs, in the truest sense of the word. Graphic tattoos are implemented by Anna. In Russia, Anna graduated from art school, and also studied at a private art university. Her fascination with graphics is a common thread running through her apprenticeship, which has taken her to Vienna, where she has been studying architecture since 2017, which is also reflected in her love of clear structures. After her first tattoo of her own, it was clear to Anna that things should go in this direction.

Graphics, realism, symbolism
With her calm manner, she conveys security to her customers, Anna combines personal stories with her designs and thus creates both unique pieces and designs with a very individual touch. She has already successfully completed a course in Russia, here in Vienna she landed and arrived at True Canvas at the beginning of 2022. The direction is as clear as it is open – in their gallery, you can see for yourself.