Dein Tattoo Studio im 4. Bezirk


How it all started…

At the very beginning Max was looking for a tattooist himself, he wanted something extraordinary, something he couldn’t find at the local tattoo studios. So he began to draw, to make sketches and the longer he dealt with it, the clearer it was to him that he would have to travel a great distance to get his dream tattoo. During this time, many drawings were made and lying around in his living room, in the anteroom, in the bedroom, okay – everywhere where there was free space. Friends who came to visit sowed the seed and asked if he had already considered tattooing himself. At first it was just an idea, something he put off with a smile. Some time passed and when he was told he will become a father it became clearer that is was something he had to try. The Art and German teacher ordered a tattoo machine, colors and brought pork skin to practice from the butcher.

Tell me more!

You may not know, but pig skin stinks disgustingly and a pregnant woman and unpleasant smells are not good roommates, which is why after the first few attempts (including a Natalie Portman portrait, of which we unfortunately don’t have a photo) it went straight to his own leg and a short time later volunteers from the circle of friends made their skin available. It quickly became clear that Max had a talent and plans were made. During his career (yes, the child was born at some point) he trained at WIFI, the entrepreneur examination and then quickly rented in a back room of a clothing store in the 1st. district.

What happened next?

After six months, he lacked the exchange with other tattooists, hoping to learn from someone who had been in the business for a long time, he set out to find a studio. The quality of his work spoke for itself and so he quickly found a place in The Penetration Inc., where he tattooed for another six months and gained a lot of experience.

Due to an imminent move (the second child was on the way and pregnant women are not contradicted) his wife wanted him to work closer to their new home and made it his goal to find a shop in the immediate vicinity of the new apartment. Then came THE opportunity, a former hairdresser in the same alley was free, abandoned for years and he signed the lease on 17.1.2018, the day when his second son was born.

And then?

45 square meters in need of renovation where a big task. A lot of hours where spent creating the perfect space. After the renovation was finished he came up with the name “true canvas”

Because there is nothing more true than to work on the skin in a permanent way.

What about the Logo?

In 2020 the studio expanded due to limited space. Other tattooists joined True Canvas, guest tattooists announced themselves and the opportunity to take the neighboring apartment was just too tempting. Another 40m2, this time in even worse condition than the former hair salon, became a construction site. Now we had a big studio, two apprentices and still no logo. Try to get an artist with a claim to perfection to develop a logo with which he is satisfied. Dozens of variations, hundreds of sketches and attempts later, it was clear it should be a mixture of the letter T (do you recognize the connection?) and also represent that the truth is always in the middle. Well, you see it?


True Canvas

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