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In a tattoo studio, safety and hygiene are mandatory, which is why we are legally obliged, like every Austrian tattoo studio, to provide a hygiene certificate from a certzified institute every year.

This safety certificate certifies that the required standards are being met.

Nachweis zur Unbedenklichkeit

What does hygiene include?

So that you can get a better picture, I would like to briefly explain in more detail what all the requirements are and what is involved in ensuring safe work. After all, the skin gets injured while tattooing and we want everything to stay beautiful and clean, so you can enjoy your newly acquired tattoo for a long time.

In a tattoo studio, for example, the walls have to be easy to clean up to a certain height. We solved that with latex paint. You will find several hand disinfectant dispensers in the tattoo studio True Canvas, which we and of course our customers should use on a regular basis. All surfaces are cleaned with surface disinfectant before and after tattooing. Your artist uses special needle modules, that are safely disposed after use (there are also regulations for this). The tattoo machine, as well as cables, couches and wash bottles are wrapped in plastic to ensure cleanliness. Of course, your tattoo artist wears gloves while working, which are changed regularly and both the customer and the tattoo artist wear masks while tattooing. You can purchase a mask made of fair trade organic cotton, tailored by Viennese sewers, in our studio. The entire shop gets cleaned and disinfected on a regularily basis.

After the tattooing, your skin will be taken care of and we will hand over the maintenance of hygiene to your hands. In the care recommendations you will find important information about what you can contribute to optimal healing and leads to a beautiful result.

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