Veronika – tattooist_veronika

Vroni knows what she wants and has an impressive bite. Ever since she got her first tattoo, she has dreamed of tattooing herself and knew immediately that this was the right thing for her. In order to be able to work here, she traveled several hours a day by train at first, but she has now moved her center of life entirely to Vienna. When this woman sets her mind to something, she gets it. She is inquisitive and absorbs information like a sponge, her will moves mountains and you can see that in her work. One cannot not communicate and for Vroni drawing is communication. Even at school it was clear in which direction to go, she completed the upper level at a school with a focus on art. Every line sits, every point is set with such precision that it makes you dizzy.

Floral designs, lovely motifs, realism

and also like letterings… we’ll see what comes next. We are curious. Vroni is funny, friendly, a sunshine who snows in with a good mood and is bursting with ideas.


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