Veronika –

Veronika is our new addition to the tattoo studio True Canvas. The Viennese by choice with Russian roots has always painted, she has tried all kinds of styles and materials and has a knack for compositions and colors. A few years ago she found her enthusiasm for watercolor painting – Watercolor tattoos are her passion.

What makes Watercolor Tattoos special?

The unpredictability of the result fascinates her, the complexity of the controllability allows her to fully immerse themselves in the process, her fairytale-like pictures tell stories. The tattooing of watercolors put on paper is a small science in its own right, it combines the control, which is possible with the needle, with the beauty and lightness of the work put on paper.

Transferring it to the skin allows for the improvement of details, but does not take away the beauty of chance from the motif, which inevitably contributes to the creation of the blurring and dissent of colors.

Veronika works a lot with colors, whoever goes into her hands gets something very special. Get an idea of her Watercolor works for yourself.

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