Max – thommesen_ink

Max loves what he does, and he does it well. His specialty is photorealistic tattoos; he likes portraits, film scenes, art replicas and compositions from realistic pictures. The references of his works are mostly photos and works of art.

Max only tattoos motifs that he can imagine on his own skin, and works until everything is perfect. He is something like the Adrien Monk among the tattooists. The meticulous accuracy with which he approaches his tattoos is the secret of his detailed and realistic tattoos.

Art is not a job – it’s a passion

As a teacher of visual education, Max has already drawn a lot prior to his work as a tattooist and is both a good conversationalist about art history, and highly versed in drawing techniques. He passes on his knowledge with his pedagogical skills, which he has acquired as a teacher. He is always looking for talent and promoting young people who are passionate about tattooing.

He is a loving father of two sons and travels the world with his family in his spare time.