1. The tattoo studio True Canvas is an artist collective under whose name several tattooists work.
2. Only healthy, sober people get tattooed, who have reached the age of 18.
3. The customer undertakes to provide truthful information and to announce changes immediately. All data will be treated as strictly confidential, are subject to data protection and will not be passed on to third parties.
4. People,…
– who are pregnant or breastfeeding
– who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
– who are in unstable mental or physical condition
– who have taken blood-thinning drugs
– who suffer from immunodeficiency disease or are hemorrhages
– who suffer from a contagious disease or a skin disease – are not tattooe
5. True Canvas guarantees compliance with all hygienic regulations and the application of professional instruments and techniques. Disposable materials are used, sterile disposable needles are used for tattooing and the tattooist wears CE marked disposable gloves. In addition, the studio is reviewed and certified annually in accordance with the legal hygiene guidelines.
6. Detailed care instructions are given to the customer upon signing the consent form, are available in the studio and can be read here. True Canvas accepts no liability for consequential problems that may occur due to incorrect or negligent care. In the event of complications, True Canvas must be notified immediately.
7. A deposit of 150€ must be paid in cash when making an appointment. The deposit paid will be counted against the total price of the tattoo. If a date is postponed or cancelled by True Canvas, the deposit made will remain. The deposit will be withheld in full if not appearing.
8. True Canvas reserves the right to assign appointments according to motive and to cancel the date if the motive request is changed after appointment.
9. The prices for tattoos depend on size, duration, effort and placement. The minimum price is 300€. This is generally charged at the beginning of a session, even if the effort is lower.
10. Payment is made in cash, immediately after the appointment
11. The tattooist must touch the skin or body of the customer at the place designated for the tattoo, this must under no circumstances be considered to be immoral behaviour, it is expressly voluntary by the customer and is part of the course of treatment.
12. True Canvas reserves the right to publish photos of the completed tattoos on the Internet and for its own advertising purposes and to sell them in printed form (magazines, sketchbooks, books). No liability can be assumed if copies by strangers occur unwittingly through publication in the media.
13. The copyright and usage rights of all designs and drawings remain at True Canvas.14 even after the tattoo.
14. True Canvas reserves the right to refuse tattoos without justification
– in the case of morally or ethically indefensible motifs for True Canvas
– which are to be placed on uncovering parts of the body (face, neck,…)
– which are of concern for other reasons